Why Following CBD Dosing Chart for Pets Is Good Idea

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Without too much introduction to the story of cannabidiol and its popularity, as you’ve probably heard of it, let’s solve a few dilemmas that most pet owners have. Yes, CBD is safe for pets of all kinds, sizes, and ages. Yes, it comes from hemp. But, no, it’s not the same thing as cannabis, and it won’t make you or your pet high.

Studies have shown that this hemp derivative can ease pain and reduce stress, anxiety, and seizures. Also, it can treat separation anxiety and noise aversion. It’s also an effective treatment for cancer and epilepsy. CBD may also be helpful for arthritis and inflammatory conditions in animals. But the list of benefits doesn’t end there.

While this hemp derivative is not yet FDA-approved for conventional treatments, it’s widely used as a nutritional supplement. But only if you adhere to certain dosage requirements, as not every animal will respond to this compound equally. So, consult your vet before administering this supplement to your pup or cat. Or you can browse the Internet and find a CBD dosage chart for dogs or cats that most brands suggest.

See if Cannabidiol Works for Your Pet

When starting with CBD administration in your pet, there are several reasons to adhere to dosage requirements. Among these is the fact that different animals need different amounts of CBD. The dosage will depend on their weight, age, and the symptoms you’re trying to treat. Also, it depends on their ECS. 

For example, not every dog is the same. These animals come in different breeds and sizes, and each of them will react differently to CBD. It will work for most animals; others will feel only slight improvements. And some pets won’t benefit from this supplement at all.

So it’s essential to consult with your vet before beginning. For example, if the first dose you gave your pet a few days ago has no effects, it’s time to increase it. But if that happens several times in a row, and your furry buddy just doesn’t react to CBD supplements, maybe these products are not for them. But if the effect of a given dose was too strong, you should reduce it.

Reduce the Risk of Side Effects

As you might know, hemp goods may have some side effects. These are usually rare and not harsh, but they should be noted. But they can be quite inconvenient for your pet, as most are related to their eating and sleeping patterns. These situations usually happen when you don’t adhere to dosage requirements. CBD is safe, but that doesn’t mean your dog or cat should take it in unlimited amounts. 

Some of the most common side effects of pet hemp goods are drowsiness, insomnia, and gastrointestinal distress. It generally manifests as diarrhea, cramps, or decreased appetite. Some animals might also experience changes in mood, which typically manifest as irritability, aggression, or depression. You can simply avoid these situations by adhering to the recommended CBD dosage requirements. See here what they are.

CBD can treat various conditions in animals, but it’s not harmless. Higher doses or a bad ECS reaction might trigger symptoms like rash, dehydration, prolonged vomiting or loose stool, weight loss, etc. So cut this supplement to your pet and consult your vet immediately if you spot any. 

Prevent Adverse Interaction with Conventional Drugs

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Using CBD as an additional treatment for pets is a good idea, especially when you combine it with conventional medication for treating a severe or chronic condition. That’s because it doesn’t have the adverse reactions with most prescription drugs. Still, it’s always best to be safe than sorry when combining traditional and alternative remedies.

This hemp derivative usually enhances the effects of conventional treatments. Still, it can also interact with some over-the-counter drugs. So whenever you plan to give both of these to your pet, check recommendations from manufacturers’ dosage charts and ask your vet for advice. Proper CBD intake will help your pet avoid the risk of drug interactions and improve their overall health. 

Increase Treatment Efficiency

In addition to these preventing potential side effects, the proper CBD dosage is essential for getting the most from the supplement. By adhering to the dosage charts, you can make your four-legged friends feel great and avoid wasting money on a supplement that’s not working for them. 

Conventional drugs are still the best thing for treating diseases. But they can have some downsides like causing dependence or side effects. That’s not unusual. On the other hand, CBD is a natural compound with no adverse effects. It diminishes the most negative impacts that conventional drugs can have on your pet.

The combination of CBD and traditional treatments might be just what your pet needs. With an adequate dose, cannabidiol can enhance the action of most painkillers, sedatives, and anti-inflammatory drugs. Also, this combination can control symptoms better than conventional medication alone.

Check the source below for more information on possible interactions:


Adhering to CBD dosage requirements will benefit both you and your four-legged friends. Your pets get the best results if they take this supplement correctly. After all, their health is your number one priority, so you should do your best to provide them with safe and efficient supplementation. And by knowing if CBD really works for your furry buddies, you won’t waste your money. That’s why you should stick to dosage charts and requirements made by experts.

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