6 Video Game Urban Myths You’ve Never Heard Of

Although the world of video games has captivated thousands of people around the world, it does not come without its fair share of controversies. But in several cases, these controversies add to the overall fun of gaming. And this is especially true when these controversies are created around urban myths and legends in the games themselves. In this article, we will take a closer look at some video game urban myths you’ve never heard of.

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In no particular order, here are 8 video game urban myths you’ve never heard of.

1) A Game That Deletes Itself After You’ve Completed It – Killswitch

As per the legend, this Russian game could not be copied and only five thousand copies of it were ever created or sold in the market. “Killswitch” is a unique entry on this list because even until now, its existence as a real-life video game cannot be fully verified. But this is exactly what makes this urban myth more fascinating.

Despite its unverified status, however, one can easily find various in-depth details of the game from its music, characters, plot, gameplay, and more.

2) Herobrine – Minecraft

This legend took form and shape in the Minecraft forums on the internet in 2010. During the time, several players came forward saying they witnessed a ghostly character that appeared at the edge of the fog in the distance. Now, the spookiest part is that whenever these players tried zooming in to take a closer look, the character would walk away and disappear out of sight.

This ghost-like character became so popular that it also received a name – “Herobrine”. Although the game’s creator denied its existence, players found patch notes – removing the character from the game in later updates. This could have been a joke played out by the creator but who really knows what happened?

3) The Elusive & Mutated “Ratman” in the Grand Theft Auto World – Grand Theft Auto 4

The world of Grand Theft Auto has consistently been in the limelight for various reasons. However, out of the widespread and sometimes bizarre reasons, one of the most interesting is its urban legends and myths. One such story, mainly from Grand Theft Auto 4, is of the infamous and snarly “Ratman” who lives in and around the subways of the city.

Freaky, right? Back then, several players recounted their experiences with the Ratman while playing the game. There is more than just fantasy to this legend. Sometimes during play one can hear “get out” screams from deep within the subways. And if this is not enough, there is also a lot of pedestrian and radio chatter about a rat problem caused by chemical mutations.

4) Guiding Real-Life Missiles to Win the War with Several PlayStations – Sony PlayStation 2

This urban legend was born at the time when Sony’s PlayStation 2 was one of the best gaming consoles on the market. According to the legend, Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq, purchased upwards of four thousand PlayStation 2 consoles. Why? It’s because he was under the impression that the console’s 32-bit CPU chips could be used to deploy and guide his missiles.

However, after several news articles, coverage, and deliberation, this story was debunked and proved to be false. But there’s another part to this story that several theorists still debate on. It was also common knowledge at the time that it was cheaper to get those chips from PlayStation consoles than to purchase them individually.

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5) The Demonic Children of Goldshire in WoW – World of Warcraft

The so-called demonic children of Goldshire in World of Warcraft have baffled players from their earliest days of playing the game. In truth, this game is so massive, both in its gameplay and popularity, that it’s almost bound to have some controversial elements. Goldshire is the name of the first village a player encounters in the game. Around the edge of the lake in Goldshire is where one can find a group of six children, who at around 7:00 AM, stand in the form of a pentagram.

Players have expressed that when standing in the middle of the pentagram, they can hear shrieks, creepy sounds, crazy laughter, whispered warnings, and more. What’s more, is that one can hear a strange musical track playing once one enters the house next to the lake. Although Blizzard is yet to officially comment on this, their existence in the game still remains a deep and dark mystery open for speculation.

6) All Pokémon’s Exist Because of a Chemical Warfare That Engulfed the Whole World – Pokémon  

To the audience, it might seem like most Pokémons resemble real-life animals and plants. But in the Pokémon universe, there is a deeper and perhaps darker reason as to why it is so. According to several theorists and experts of the game, Pokémons were created because of mutations that occurred after a worldwide chemical war.

But that’s not all, there’s actually more to the story. This massive global war also caused a huge reduction in the overall number of adult men in the world. And this is the reason why most male characters in the game or show are mostly too young or too old. Most male characters also have some sort of military training.

The Bottom Line

The above list contains interesting, fun, and even some eerie urban myths and legends one can find in the world of video games. Although, there are several more games and instances that tend to baffle players from all over the world. Sure, some of it may easily be recognized as marketing strategies or ploys, others have little to no explanation. And this adds yet another amazing add-on experience to those who love playing video games.

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