Are Arm Lifts for Removing “Bat Wings” Permanent?

One of the most apparent signs of aging is “bat wings,” or the extra fat and skin that hang on your arms. Bat wings affect both men and women of all ages. Unfortunately, they take a toll on your self-esteem, as they cannot be corrected with diet and exercise. The most effective way to eliminate them is by having an arm lift surgery, also known as Tracheoplasty surgery.

Are the results of this surgery permanent?

Many people often ask whether an arm lift’s results are permanent. Before going into this answer, it is essential for you first to understand what Brachioplasty entails and how the procedure works for you.

The arm lift is a body-lifting surgery that removes the extra fat tissues and firms the skin and muscles between your shoulder and elbow. This procedure is often combined with another famous liposuction method to get rid of stubborn fat deposits around the abdominal region. Once the loose fat tissues from the arms are removed, they are tightened and securely sutured, making them look contoured and toned.

How long does your arm lift last?

The results of an arm lift last for about ten years or so, assuming you have a healthy lifestyle and maintain a stable weight. Since some fat and skin are removed from the arms, they look taut for longer. However, with fluctuations in weight and age, sagging does occur, so it is normal for the arm lift results to fade with time. However, you can always visit your plastic surgeon for touch-ups.

Diet and exercise to maintain the shape of your arms after the surgery

Specialists from Stratus Plastic Surgery advise you to eat a nutritious and balanced diet to support collagen production and skin elasticity. These are some of the critical lifestyle habits to keep in mind after an arm lift procedure. When you are aware of your meals, you can maintain a steady weight, which is key to prolonging the results of your arm lift over time.

They suggest you avoid eating processed food, drink moderation, eat whole foods, and consume plenty of water. In addition to the above guidelines, they offer regular exercise to maintain the results of the arm lift. However, stay away from strenuous physical activity after the first six months of your surgery. Embrace a fitness routine that is gentle and regular during this time.

After six months, you can proceed to the next level and include a cardio and strength training routine. Some recommended exercises to maintain the contour of your arms are triceps extensions and dips.

Outpatient surgery

An arm lift is an outpatient surgery generally administered under general anesthesia. There will be moderate pain with inflammation and bruising. After the surgery, your arms will be dressed in bandages with small drainage tubes.

The recovery period is generally six to eight weeks after the surgery. You will be asked to wear compression bandages for the first few weeks until the region is completely healed.

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