How To Overcome The Emotional Triggers- Jonah Engler explains In The Simple Way

Emotional Triggers

Life is a roller coaster ride of emotional lows and highs. Human emotions are difficult to understand, but they control every second of your life. Every day, you may experience a new set of emotions. Happiness, sadness, frustration, trauma, excitement, disappointment- all are part and parcel of life. 

As the emotions are connected to what is happening in your life and, more importantly, how you react to the situations, it is essential that you understand what’s going on inside your mind. A simple noise in the neighborhood can be the trigger to the waves of uncontrollable emotions. Or the trigger can be a piece of news that you hear on the television. 

  • Jonah Engler explains how some memories and experiences can create a powerful emotional reaction in humans, despite the present good mood. Often, such triggers are the result of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. It is challenging for you to live with the fact that you have PTSD.
  • Emotional triggers are the reason behind your reactions that does not always showcase your actual behavior. These reactions will be the survival response of any individual who has been through some traumatic incident in life. 
  • Unless you understand and accept these triggers, you can never find a way to heal your mind. It’s crucial for you to detect these triggers and understand how to deal with the situation. 

With the explanation from the expert, you can understand the emotional triggers and finally get to forgive the misbehaviors. It’s also your responsibility to recognize the triggers and change the unconscious responses. 

Recognize the triggers

Even if you do understand that the emotional triggers can cause permanent changes n the behavior without your conscious acceptance, how will you recognize these triggers? Every single person has different triggers for the emotional explosion. These triggers are usually some uncomfortable or unwanted memories and experiences.

The common scenarios that can trigger extreme emotional outbursts include:

  • Ignorance and disapproval
  • Betrayal
  • Feeling unwanted or too needed
  • Rejection
  • Unfair and unjust treatment
  • Feeling of insecurity
  • Loss of independence or control
  • Challenged beliefs

These scenarios are difficult to avoid and will happen unexpectedly. Not all of the scenarios can be your trigger. So how do you identify the triggers?

Pay attention to mind and body

Being always aware of the mental state is vital. If you are in a situation where you are triggered, you need to keep a mental note of the situation. It will aid in recognizing the triggers. The expert asserts that you should always listen to your body and mind, creating intense emotional reactions.

Do you feel the signs of anxiety? These can be the common symptoms:

  • Disturbed stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Cold and sweaty pal,
  • Pounding heart
  • Uncontrollable shaking

It’s easy to determine the trigger when you feel such physical responses. 

Step back and think

Suppose you feel that you are overreacting to a situation, and please pause and think. Ask yourself some questions like

  • What just happened to me?
  • Why did I relate this event to a past incident in my life?
  • Am I angry or sad or happy? If so, why do I feel this?

Answer yourself, and you will be surprised to know that the answers actually lie within.

Determine the causes of extreme emotions

Many things in life can happen that usually show up through your reactions later in life. Negative childhood experiences sometimes shape your triggers. Do you feel this way because of your childhood issues? Or is it about something that happened when you were a teenager?

Denial, disappointment, and rejection can become the triggering factors for your future characteristics and ways of expressing yourself. If you don’t like the rejections or denials, the chances are high that you will try to reject people, ideas, and concepts without even thinking much about them. The trigger here is the reactions that you got in the past.

Acknowledge the feeling

Whatever you feel, always keep in mind that you should acknowledge your feeling. Your emotional expressions are a part of your daily existence. All the feelings can stir up thy triggers, which is nothing unnatural. But you should not compare your past with the present. Even if you have a deep wound that is still healing, give yourself the time to heal.

What has happened in the past will always stay in the past and cannot travel over than time. Learning from the past is what you can do instead of lamenting over it and carrying the burden all through the rest of your life. Continuously keep on reminding yourself that you can always choose a better response to the trigger.

Give yourself some space

When you know that multiple triggers are working in the situation and the chances are high that you will have an emotional outburst, stay calm and step aside. It’s better to leave the space quietly.

  • According to Jonah Englerthere is no harm in taking a break and giving yourself some space so that you can avoid the burst- out with negative emotions. When you are alone, you can breathe deeply, relax and feel much better once you cool down. It is even possible that you think of a better action plan when you approach similar triggers ever in the future. 
  • Every human being is at the mercy of their emotional triggers. If you feel that people around you are intentionally trying to make you feel bad, think again. They also are human beings, and they also may have emotional triggers. Even you can be the trigger for their emotional outbursts without your knowledge. 

So, it’s good to give yourself some time to breathe and also clear your head to make better decisions about yourself. Also, it will give others the time they need to calm down and re-think their approach as well. Being open-minded will help you to change your behavior toward others. If you can stop being the trigger to others, you will certainly feel that the triggers around you have minimized. Follow the suggestions from the expert to heal faster.

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