Top Rarest Emotes in Clash Royale 2024 Guide

rarest emotes in clash royale

Supercell developed and published Clash Royale, a free-to-play real-time strategy video game. The game incorporates aspects from collectible card games, tower defense games, and multiplayer online battle arena games.

On March 2, 2016, the game was launched worldwide. The rarest emotes in Clash Royale will be discussed today in detail. It’s been a while since the game emotes were introduced. Clash Royale received emotes the same year it was released, in 2016.

Why Emotes Are Used In Clash Royale?

Emotes are a type of expression that allows participants to communicate with one another during combat. The majority of Emotes have an animation that is accompanied by a sound effect.

Emotes can be transmitted by tapping the correct button while engaging in a battle, watching a battle, or in a Clan’s conversation.

The player can access their Emote collection by tapping the smiley face button adjacent to the text button while in a Clan’s chat.

Their word bubbles and Emote Deck do not display. Instead, all of their Emotes will show in chronological sequence across 20 pages, with the oldest Emotes at the top and left and the younger Emotes closer to the bottom and right.

Main Purpose of Emotes in Game

 Emotes are the sole way to communicate with opponents or viewers during a match. Of course, there are six messages. The decision on whether or not emotes are a useful feature should be left to the player’s choice. Some individuals adore them, while others despise them.

Whatever the case may be, they are present and active participants in the game. Let’s get into it and see which Clash Royale Emotes are the rarest!

How do you Know Emote is Rarest?

You should be able to figure out what I mean by the Rarest, but just in case, here it is for the casual and new players.

Rarest is not an emote’s in-game classification. We consider several elements when determining how unusual emotion is for this list.

  • The emotes that are available for purchase every two months in the shop are not uncommon in any way. Rare items are those that were or will be offered only once in the game, and if you miss them, they will never be available again.
  • Notable emotes that fulfill the above definition is Supercell’s free emotes, such as the Lost & Crowned emote we all received. It will no longer be available, but it will be delivered to all accounts. It’s not uncommon. Once it’s out, you’ll be able to get it.
  • It is known that valuable hard-to-come-by items are. Jokes aside emote are extremely difficult to obtain, with only about 80% of players obtaining them, making them the rarest of all. They may necessitate a certain level of talent or the completion of a challenging task.

List of Rarest Emotes in Clash Royale

Royal Ghost Gem

The Royal Ghost emote corresponds to Season 17 of Clash Royale’s Treasures of the Old King. The Royal Ghost is a game-playing ghost of a long-dead monarch who has amassed vast sums of gold and gems concealed someplace within the Clash Royale Palace. But his favorite gem never ceases to amuse him, as this emoticon demonstrates.

When the Ghost sees the Gem, he gapes in surprise and lets out a small scream. This emote was offered to players who had achieved Legend Trophies before the 2018 update, which modified the game and abolished the dual-type trophies. I suppose it’s an old thing.

Santa Ice Wizard and Santa Ice Spirit

During the 2018 Holiday Season, two of our frigid friends—Ice Wizard and Ice Spirit—dressed up as Santa. These are both of these cards’ only emotes in Clash Royale, as well as the emote featuring a Santa hat.

  • Or you might call it a Clash Universe depiction of Christmas. These unique emotes were only available in December 2018 and have never been available in the marketplace.

December is approaching, and who knows, maybe we’ll receive some new Christmas emotes this time. We won’t be getting the one where the Ice Wizard is blowing in the snow.

Trophy Goblin Emote

This Trophy goblin Emote of Clash Royale is another of our green tiny friend’s emotes, and it’s one of the most unique in the method it can be obtained in 2018. Players who linked their YouTube account to their Supercell ID and watched the CRL 2018 finals live received this emote.

This is one of the emotes that may be obtained uniquely without having to play the game. This indicates that you are a dedicated Clash Royale player. It’s also an ancient version.

Champion Tournament King

This unique emote depicts the King gleefully caressing a large trophy with the number 1 etched on it. This Clash Royale emote first appears in the Global Tournament in January 2020.

This emoticon is given to the top 100 participants in the Global Tournament. Only a few thousand of the millions of Clash Royale players have this one.

CRL 2019 Goblin

The Clash Royale League 20 Win-challenge of 2019 is symbolized by this Goblin with his face painted red and blue. This emoticon was the reward for completing the CRL challenge with 20 victories. The goblin’s delighted expression says it all.

With semi-pros ruling the game, the challenge became quite difficult as the game progressed to 17+ wins. If you’re teamed up against someone wearing this expression, know that they’re not your average garbage Hog cycler.


Emotes are used in the game for expressing yourself and communicating with your opponents during the play. However, there is a difference between rarest and valued emotes and which may vary from person to person. Some people value those emotes that they use in their game. However, others think that value is the one that is rarest and not used by everyone.

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