These Secret Hacks Will Help You Access Everything on Disney+ Philippines

Disney+ Philippines is one of the buzziest streaming platforms around, and its hype is real. Walt Disney’s streaming wing means business and wants to lock horns with the streaming behemoths like Netflix and Prime Video. And it seems like Disney+ is well on track and that’s evident from its subscribers’ growth which has ballooned to 152 million paid users in 2022.

Disney+ Philippines carries a diverse content catalog of classics, new releases, and Disney originals coming out exclusively from Disney’s own vaults. Marvel fans and Star Wars fanatics love Disney+ as it offers a complete range of titles coming from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, 20th Century Studios, and National Geographic.

Yes, we are talking about titles like Loki, Moon Knight, Parallels, Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, and others. Nevertheless, Disney+ Philippines is a geo-restricted service not accessible globally. users can still watch Disney Plus in Philippines using a premium VPN app. 

Disney+ Philippines has torrents of content and offers more than 1600 titles in its content library. That’s a lot of binge-worthy goodies, but if you are a heavy streamer and have already watched almost everything on Disney+, there’s a lot more to watch.

If you think you have run out of titles to stream on Disney+, these secret hacks will help you access everything on Disney+. Follow these simple tricks and dig out the grand library of Disney+ even the adult films, more mature stuff, and late-night series.

1. Disney+ Philippines: Unlock Everything From Settings

  • ox appears, to access the settings
  • If your settings are anything else rather than R18+ or TV-MA then set it here, else it means Disney+ is limiting the content you can watch
  • Click on “save”, “done,” and then “done” again to update

Setting your content rating to 18+, if it is currently something else, will unlock the Your default setting of Disney+ Philippines is blocking so much of its content from you. If you are an adult and think that your watchable content is way less available to stream, we like to suggest that you follow these few simple steps and unlock many potential titles, according to your desire. 

  • Open the Disney+ app on any device that you are using 
  • Open your profile
  • Go into the “edit your profile” section, and click on edit 
  • Here scroll down to “parental controls” 
  • Click on the option “content rating”

Enter your password when the dialogue shows and movies are put on the service to cater to the mature audience, which you were missing out on earlier. That will include The Simpsons, a lot of the Marvel content, and many alike. 

It asks you for the password when you change the content rating to make sure you are able to track your children’s activity on their accounts and changes as well. The cool thing is, that you can get these settings changed on all profiles on your account. 

2. Disney+ Philippines: Unlock Everything Via VPN

Another great trick that you can use to unlock all of the potential content that Disney+ Philippines has in store for you is by getting a VPN service. Like other streaming apps, Disney+ also restricts its content according to the regions and countries. Each country’s library will be filled with many different titles that are not available in other countries, if not all. 

  • Download and subscribe to a VPN server that offers a wide range of servers around the world like ExpressVPN.
  • Go into settings, search for a country’s server which library you want to explore
  • Connect to any server available in that country
  • Open the Disney+ app on  your device
  • Enjoy all the unlocked content

So, if something that you have been waiting for or want to stream is available in some other country, a VPN will allow you to get access to that library by masking your location. 

You can change your location accordingly by connecting to a server located in your desired country that you have been looking to explore. For example, if a title is available on Disney+ USA and you want to stream it in a country where it’s not available, simply bring home a VPN service and let the magic begin. 

3. Disney+ Philippines: Unlock Everything Through Collections

Disney+ Philippines has a massive content library with thousands of titles available to stream. If you usually watch content from your recommendations, then you are missing out on a huge backlog of TV shows and films that you should be watching. 

Disney+ offers a curated feature of collections. These collections have the content listed that you might have missed while simply browsing Disney+. Explore all the films and TV series within a particular franchise, or look for a title based on a specific theme.


Even though the content library of Disney+ Philippines is quite large, due to the kids-friendly content setting, it keeps most of the titles hidden. While the reason behind different content catalogs available in different countries is the copyright issue.

So, whether you opt for changing the content rating by making it TV-MA or opt for a VPN, both ways will allow you to get hundreds of titles that you may not find otherwise on Disney+. 

Now that we have guided you through these tricks to unlock everything on Disney+ Philippines, you can go back and start streaming your favorite titles. Happy streaming!

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