Ways to reconstruct the breast after a mastectomy to get the best results 

Breast reconstruction encompasses reconstructing the look and shape of the breast through multiple methods. Surgery is one of the inevitable parts of breast cancer treatment and is thus considered a viable means of restoring and rebuilding the shape of the breast. The reconstruction surgery may be performed during mastectomy, called immediate reconstruction, or completed after the breast cancer treatment is over, referred to as delayed breast reconstruction.

Various categories of breast reconstruction are available. Your medical practitioner will recommend the best procedure for you, depending on your health. Unless your health permits you should not opt for the treatment right away. Some popular methods include:

●     Breast reconstruction through implants: Most mastectomy processes are accomplished by utilizing a technique known as skin-sparing mastectomy. Most of your breast skin is conserved for reconstruction. The implant is put below the muscle or skin. There are multiple ways of doing this. Different shapes, sizes, and types of breast implants are made of flexible outer shells. The inner part may contain silicon gel or saline. A saline implant is full of sterile water.

●     Breast reconstruction through flaps: The second most popular way to reconstruct the breast is through flaps. The process is also called autologous tissue reconstruction. The process involves utilizing tissues from different body parts to rebuild your breast. The piece of tissue is called a flap. The tissue flap may come from various sites of your body, like the back, abdomen, buttocks, or thigh. A tissue flap works like natural breast tissue because it contains your body’s blood vessels, raw skin, and fat. A breast implant with a tissue flap is sometimes utilized together when there is a lack of muscle or skin for placing a breast implant. Many online sites have detailed information about breast reconstructionYou can browse them to know more.

●     Reconstruction of areola and nipple: Areola and nipple reconstruction is a distinct procedure carried out as the last phase of the reconstruction process. It is done after your breast has healed from the surgery, which usually takes around 3 to 4 months. Generally, it would help if you rebuilt your nipple by utilizing tissue extracted from the reconstructed breast or other sides of your body. After this, the areola is made by employing tattoo ink. In some instances, the areola can be created using a skin graft from the abdomen or groin. Some individuals may prefer this reconstruction process because it is much more comfortable.

Depending on your personal preferences and physical condition, you can go for any of the processes listed above. If you have any confusion about any of the procedures, it is best to get it clarified directly by getting in touch with the doctor. An expert can analyze your situation and help you in the best manner. Do discuss your case with the doctor before going through the process. Don’t feel shy to ask him multiple questions. He is there to help you and guide you in the best possible way. 

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