Floor to Ceiling Windows:

floor to ceiling window

Get the Perfect View with Floor to Ceiling Windows

Do you live in an exotic area where you want to enjoy the view all the time? Do you want to keep an eye on the toddler playing outside? Or do you want to give your home an elitist statement with beautiful windows and doors? Then the floor to ceiling windows are the perfect pick for you.

This article provides details of floor-to-ceiling windows, the factors you should consider before buying, and a detailed guide about their features and functionalities.

Benefits of Floor to Ceiling Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows are also called “window walls”. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow sunlight and natural light to pass through the room until it’s dark outside. This way, you need less energy consumption to light up the room with artificial bulbs and tube lights. 

Moreover, they also allow nature’s view from outside the window walls. You see these windows in exotic restaurants, farmhouses, and villas. However, you can also use them for your normal-sized homes to benefit from them.

Options with Material and Opening Style

  • The floor-to-ceiling windows can be of aluminum, glass, and aluminum alloy. 
  • The frame material is also aluminum alloy in most cases. 
  • The screen netting material is predominantly stainless steel. 
  • The windows can open in horizontal style in a sliding or swinging pattern. 

Drapes for Floor to Ceiling Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows can offer different curtains or blinds. The blinds for floor-to-ceiling windows can be hanging or roller blinds.

Other Conveniences

The floor-to-ceiling windows can be soundproof, heatproof, windproof, and waterproof. In this way, your house gets protected in various ways from outside complications. They also offer durability and a magnetic screen.

What Type of Glass is used in Floor to Ceiling Windows?

The floor-to-ceiling windows are available in different types of glass. They support single, double, tempering, floating, stained, and customizable glass types.

Cost of Floor to Ceiling Windows

The average cost of installing floor-to-ceiling windows can be roughly somewhere between $2k to $3k. This cost can go up and down depending on the type of height, width, and dimensions of your place. It also depends on the type of glass, frame, or style you order for your place.

Are Floor-to-Ceiling Windows Safe?

As long as we illustrated the pros, we should also elaborate on the possible cons. They provide less privacy if not made of one-sided glass. The people from outside can also view your house. So be sure to install only windows with an outer view. Also, do not use these windows If you stay near a park or play area because the expensive glass can break due to the kids playing outside.

What is the Warranty of Floor-to-Ceiling Windows?

Extensive investments mandate particular concerns. Such is the case with floor-to-ceiling windows. The good news is that the manufacturers and suppliers offer extended warranties for these windows. The warranty can range from 5 years to a lifetime. 

Moreover, you also get lock sets, return-and-replace opportunities along with onsite training and technical support.

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