My Phone Sent a Text That I Didn’t Write! – Should I Be Worried?

My Phone Sent a Text That I Didn't Write

Staying in touch via text is fairly common but I confess to panicking a little when my phone sent a text that I didn’t write! As a Verizon user, it may or may not be a big issue for you. Let me tell you how.

Should I Panic That My Phone Sent a Text That I Didn’t Write?

Surprisingly, it is common for Verizon phone to send texts on its own. This can be quite disturbing but it is not something that you lose your sleep over.

If you have just realized that there is a message that you don’t remember sending, there are a few things that you should learn about right away. These might help you avoid trouble in the future.

The First Thing To Check Is Whether Your Phone Is Hacked Or Not

Looking into the possibility of a hacker getting access to your phone is the first thing you might want to do. If its true then your personal data can be at risk and you should take steps to recover the control as soon as possible.

But, how do you figure that out?

A simple method is to keep a check on your battery percentage. A quickly draining battery is often an indication that the device has been hacked. This may be accompanied by other unusual activities on your phone like texts you didn’t write or change in the device settings.

In contrast, the things may or may not be this dire.

For example, you may have simply given access to your phone to somebody else from your friends or kin. In this case, it is highly possible that they sent the text without your permission or in your absence.

Can a Bug Be The Reason Why My Phone Sent a Text That I Didn’t Write?

Although problem with a bug is not common for Verizon users, some clients with Samsung have pointed out the issue with phone sending messages that they didn’t write.

However, the company has not yet given out any official statement regarding this topic. The customer care center assures that they are “looking into it”.

Chill Out – The Phone Can Just Be Out of Order Due To Hardware/Software Issues

In the best case scenario, your phone was neither hacked nor was it attacked by a bug. The poor thing simply down-performed due to hardware issues or a glitch in the software.

You should check whether the device is out of order if it sends an unknown text. Moreover, it may also be a delayed message, something you had written previously but couldn’t be delivered at that time due to network issue.

Technicians have discussed the possibility of a messy LCD and sensors that respond accidental to unusual touches and deliver a text without letting the owner know.

All in all, there can be plenty of reasons why your phone sent a text that you didn’t write. Getting to the root of the problem may let you devise a solution. I hope this article proves to be helpful!

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