9 Places Where to Share Gofundme to Make It Reach Maximum Audience

It is important to know where to share Gofundme campaign if you wish to make it most successful. Although there are multiple platforms available, more donations depend on how efficient your promotion is.

The truth is that there is no right or wrong answer.

You can choose where to share Gofundme as long as you don’t spam the link all around the internet. Not only will it waste a lot of your time but will also be lease effective in bringing out the required results.

Places to Share Gofundme to Make Maximum Reach:

Here’s a short list of website and apps where posting about your Gofundme campaign can be quite helpful. Check it out!

Charity Google+

Contrary to popular belief, Google+ has pretty active groups. Although its following has not yet reached to the levels of Facebook and Instagram, it is still a decent platform to share you Gofundme campaign.

You have to find the relevant groups who are dedicated to charity please and can help put the word out there about your campaign and fundraiser. If you look hard enough, maybe you will come across a perfect match.

Gofundme Twitter

Twitter has to be one of the most commonly used social media app around the globe. Furthermore, it hosts authenticated accounts of many leading public figures making it even more reliable as a fundraising platform.

You simply need to tweet about your Gofundme campaign and it will reach thousands of followers within seconds. You can also elaborate the cause to make it impactful. Larger the issue that you bring to the light, more would be the interest of the readers to respond to it.

Gofundme Facebook

When you have to reach large audience, you really can’t do better than Facebook. It is one of the older social media websites and had a number of groups dedicated to charity and fundraising. Fortunately, it has specific groups for Gofundme campaigns.

You will be able to find both, private and public groups, for your cause. It is best to take some time and do thorough research on which group will be most effective within your community.

Note! Facebook groups, especially the private ones, have certain rules and regulations that you need to follow. Make sure you abide by the set terms or else your account or post will be blocked.

Instagram Account

Those who are using Gofundme mobile app can make the most out of it by posting easily and quickly to Instagram account. The sharing icon is present at the top right corner of the home page. What’s best? It would only take a single tap to add your fundraiser to the feed.

Moreover, you can mention the link on your bio to make it accessible to anyone who visits your profile. Hashtags are also quite useful when you want to increase the reach of your post on Instagram account.


Snapchat is a creative way to post about your Gofundme campaigns. It can be fun and interesting as well if you are able to think of a relevant photo or video to post to your story. Have fun and get creative with amazing range in-built filters and settings.

Reddit Charity

Reddit community has considerably grown in size over the past few years. Moreover, it has responded warmly to many in-need charities as well. You can use the platform to make appeal to large audience to respond on your fundraising.

Reddit Gofundme

Just when you though it could not get better, Reddit launched a sub-reddit platform dedicated solely to Gofundme. You might think that this community would be small considering it is a partial site, the center is enough to allow your campaign proceed smoothly.

Currently, Reddit Gofundme has around 2,500 subscribers. You can pair up this method with some of the other options on the list to improve the final results.

Gofundme LinkedIn

The basic aim of LinkedIn was to make it easier for people to connect. This network has helped many individuals with skills to get in touch with those who were in need of these skills.

The same website can be used to spread a word about Gofundme as well. You can utilize the professional network to share messages about your campaign and even send personalized notes to different influencers working within LinkedIn.

Did You Know? Many studies have highlighted those personalized messages are a great way to convert random followers into donors. You just need to use the right words for motivation.


The last resort is to use Pinterest. This is an indirect method since you can only add the link to your board or in your bio but not directly post it on your accounts.

Nonetheless, Pinterest can come in handy sometimes. You would first have to download the Pin It button to your browser if you don’t have it already. This can be done so using Google Play or iTunes app depending on the device that you are using.

The next step is to visit the fundraiser link and tap on Pin It at the left side of the screen. You have to then specify the board where you wish to add it and write a short description so visitors have a better understanding of what it is about.

Simple, right?

Take-Home Message

Hopefully, now you know where to share Gofundme to make it most effective. Keep in mind that good things take time so you might have to invest some extra hours into figuring out which website or social media app would best serve your goal.

Moreover, thoroughly consider the template that you would be using to promote your cause. This should also keep in view the exact platform where it needs to be posted. These details might sound minor but, in the long run, they largely affect the money and donations that you get. Best of Luck!

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