Pokemon Sword and Shield: Own Tempo Rockruff and Evolve Rockruff

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield: How to Get Dusk Form Lycanroc, Own Tempo Rockruff, and Evolve Rockruff

Although the game had been around for more than two decades, the introduction of Pokemon Sword and Shield opened new horizons and interests that made users crave it even more.

With these advancements came more up-to-date techniques meaning there were a lot of things that players had to learn. For example, many of us have been asking the questions when does Steenee learn stomp? Since you have landed on this page now, we will make sure you leave with all the right answers!


Before we get down to answering this question, let us talk a bit about Steenee and from this Pokemon evolves.

How Do You Get Steenee in Pokemon Sword and Shield? ( Own Tempo Rockruff )

If your aim is to get to Steenee only then there is not much you have to do during the game play.

Bounsweet can evolve and level up to Steenee with simple play. When its level reaches 18, you would automatically get Steenee. However, from this point the things unfold a bit differently.

Did You Know? Bounsweet is a tiny Grass-type Pokemon. You will find it around in form a berry typically in Lush Jungle.

In order to evolve Steene into Tsareena (the next form in the evolutionary chain) the Pokemon must know the move Stomp. This is only possible once it has reached level 28.

4-Step Guide to When Does Steenee Learn Stomp

Now you know how Steenee evolution works so we can finally look into teaching your Pokemon the Stomp move.

In a Nutshell! You get Steenee from Bounsweet with leveling up after which it can evolve into Tsareena at level 28 but it must know the move Stomp by then.

Typically, you have to go through 4 steps before Steenee learns to Stomp. We will break down the procedure to make it easier for you to grasp.

Step 1

Your first job is to find a Bounsweet. A good place to start is in Lush Jungle or you can also choose to trade your Lillipup for it in Route 5’s Pokemon Center.

Pro-Tip! If you prefer finding one in the Lush Jungle then it is best to look in the northwest area. More than 40% of Bounsweet can be identified here running through the tall grass.

Besides Lush Jungle, in-game trading is also a reliable way to find Bounsweet. Your best chances are with Route 4,5,6, Brooklet Hill, and Paniola Ranch. You can easily find the Pokemon between level 11 and 17 but its exact form depends on where you are looking.

When you trade Lillipup for Bounsweet it would be at the same level that your Pokemon had. Moreover, the game-play would nickname it as Bouncee.

Here’s a short list of places where you can come across this Pokemon.

  • Dappled Grave
  • West Lake Axewell
  • East Laske Axewell
  • Stony Wilderness
  • Rolling Fields
  • Watchtower Ruins

Bounsweet typically surfaces in normal conditions although Intense sun, thunderstorms, snowing, snow storms, sandstorms, and heavy fog may be needed in stony wilderness. 

Step 2

Once you have found the Pokemon of interest, the next step is to catch it but this has to be done considering whether you have opted for in-game trade or finding one in the Jungle.

Nest Balls are a good choice to catch Bounsweet in the Lush Jungle because it is highly likely that they would still be at a fairly low level.

  • In the Wild Area, you will find Bounsweet between level 7 and level 30
  • In Stony Wilderness, you will find the Pokemon between level 28 and level 30

If you want an evolved wild Steenee it may be difficult to catch it without first weakening it in a battle. Since it would be between level 35 to level 40, it might not be easy to catch the Pokemon.

Pro-Tip! The best way to quickly reduce the HP bar for Bounsweet or Steenee is to tackle them with water, electric, grass, or ground-type moves using Pokemon that are on similar levels as the opponents.

On the other hand, in-game trading works in a simple manner. You just have to go to Route 5 Pokemon Center and talk to the boy in the café section. He would offer you Bounsweet in exchange of Lillipup. You have to select Trade and that would complete the exchange.

Step 3

Now you have Bounsweet that needs to be levelled up. All grass-type Pokemon evolve best when faced against Water, Rock, and Ground-type opponents. Remember, you have to reach level 18 for Bounsweet to evolve into Steenee.

Step 4

Your Steenee needs to learn Stomp before it has reached level 29 to evolve into Tsareena. You will be given the option to learn this move somewhere along the game play. Don’t decline it since that would mean the Steenee would not level up.

Once your Pokemon has learned the move, you have to make it remember it by clicking on Move Relearner. This would be present on the left side of the Pokemon Centre Store. Tap on Remember the Move to complete the task.

This would add the move to its list and then you can select it every time you visit the moves section that is available.

Is There a Short-cut?

As you can see, Steenee is capable of evolving into Tsareena if it knows how to Stomp by the time it reaches level 29. Levelling up is a common technique for all Pokemons to become more powerful and it happens when they are used in a battle.

However, there is another way around it.

You can quickly level-up your Pokemon by using the experience candy.

Candies in different sizes are available throughout the game and come with variable XP boosts. The largest one gives a boost of 30,000 followed by 10,000, 3000, 800, and 100 for smallest candy.

Did You Know? You can also use the rare candy to make your Pokemon evolve but this is more helpful when used with high-level creatures to make them level-up quickly.

Wrap Up:

So, this is everything you need to know about how to make your Steenee learn Stomp in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can learn more from other online guides but the best move is to get into the game and learn from experience.

Hopefully, you have found everything that you were looking for in this article. Feel free to leave reviews in the comment section below and don’t forget to mention what you want to read about in our next post!

Frequently Asked Questions About When Does Steenee Learn Stomp:

Can my Steenee evolve into Tsareena after level 29?

Steenee would evolve to its next stage after level 29 once it has learned the Stomp move. You can reach this level quickly by using experience candy or rare candy.

How can I evolve my Steenee in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Bounsweet can evolve and level up to Steenee with simple play. When its level reaches 18, you would automatically get Steenee. In order to evolve Steene into Tsareena (the next form in the evolutionary chain) the Pokemon must know the move Stomp. This is only possible once it has reached level 28.

Can you teach Bounsweet how to Stomp?

This Pokemon can not learn how to Stomp. You have to upgrade it to Steenee with simple leveling up before learning this move. Steenee would learn Stomp once it reaches level 29.

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