Why Play the PlayStation 2 Games in 2022?

Those of you who don’t think that PS2 games are worth a shot in 2022 should think again. In this  post, we will be looking at the major reasons why owning and emulating the legendary PS2 might be the best bet for any retro gamer! 


Prior to diving into today’s topic, let us remind you of a safe and easy method of playing favorite classics on the platforms other than the original systems. 

It’s not a secret that lots of PS fans now have a great opportunity to play games released for the PS2and other PS consoles on their third-party devices like PCs or smartphones. All that’s required for that is to install the right emulator and download your favorite games in the form of ROMs, e.g. PS1, PSP, or PS2 ROMs. As might have guessed, modern emulation software enables PS enthusiasts to play a wide variety of commercial and homebrew games not only from the comfort of your home but also on the go, which is very convenient. Plus, emulation is the surest way to put your hands on those games that are considered rare, as well as region-restricted titles. So, you can enjoy such gems of the PS2 games as Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land or Blood Will Tell and many more!  

The Road to Success

Pioneers have a beginning. And the PS2 is no different. Starting out in 1994 as soon as the PS1 came out, Sony started immediately drawing out plans for a successor to their first successful console. By 1997, word had leaked out to the press that the console would have backwards compatibility with the original PlayStation, a built-in DVD player, and Internet connectivity. Officially, however, as all companies often do, Sony continued to deny that the successor to the PS1 was being developed. Sony had to come up with a competitor for Sega’s Dreamcast, which was already becoming a sensation with selling over half a million units in just two weeks. The two other rivals of the upcoming console were Nintendo and their GameCube, as well as Microsoft with their Xbox. Needless to say, there was much anticipation for the PS2’s launch, as fans were waiting for a follow-up that was better than an already great PS1. 

The new console was launched in 2000, in Japan and North America. Sales of the console games pulled in 250 million dollars on its first day, beating the Dreamcast’s record. Immediately after its release, it was difficult to find the remaining PS2 units on retailer shelves due to manufacturing delays. Another purchasing option which is widely used now was ordering the console online. The main factor contributing to the PS2’s successful sales was the strength of the PS brand. But here also was another fact worth mentioning. Lots of PS fans wanted to play their favorite titles on a new console, and Sony made sure this was possible by adding backward compatibility. This allowed this much anticipated console to tap into the large fan base established by PlayStation both in the Japanese and American markets. 

Innovative Functionality 

The PS2’s built-in functionality also expanded its audience beyond the gamer. As its debut pricing was the same or lower than a standalone DVD player, lots of customers opted for the console to be able to watch movies. This made the new console a low-cost entry into a home theater market. 

Impressive Game Library After the Dreamcast was out of the competition, Sony started to look for the means to distinguish its console from other competitors, that is, the GameCube and Xbox. While the PS2’s initial games lineup was considered mediocre, things started to look up in 2001 with the release of several blockbuster titles, including Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid 2, which cemented PS2’s success. The new games were more sophisticated not only in terms of graphics, mechanics, and sound, but also gameplay and storyline. Suffice it to mention Silent Hill 2, the game that redefined the entire horror genre and was keeping millions of gamers glued to their screens. There were lots of other titles that immortalized the PS2 and made it one of the best-selling gaming systems of all time.

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