Your Guide to Lowrider Remote-Controlled Cars

Remote control cars are a great way to have fun and enjoy competition. Not only do they provide entertainment, but they can help you stay physically active. Consequently, remote control cars have become a popular pastime for kids and adults. 

Assembling the car and learning how to drive it can be a lot of fun. And a lowrider RC car is beautiful to look at and go. Many people never grow out of their love for these old-school automobiles and enjoy driving them even when they are not on track.

What Are Lowrider Cars?

Lowriders refer to a type of modified car that sits low on the ground. Lowering the gap between the vehicle and the surface further requires changes in the car’s suspension. Sometimes the modification is done only to enhance the looks of the car.

Lowriders gained popularity around the 1940s when car enthusiasts from Latino culture started customizing their cars. For car enthusiasts, it is a piece of art. Most of them have a hydraulics system, chrome accessories, and unique paint job to help them stand out. Even now, they are a source of pride among the Mexican-American community.

What Is A Low-Riding Remote Control Car?

While the lowrider usually means a type of car, it also refers to a kind of modification in a vehicle. A low-riding remote control vehicle is the miniature version of the full-sized one. Car enthusiasts have as much appreciation for these as they have for the full-sized model. They are trendy among RC car enthusiasts who build and modify their RC cars. An RC lowrider has a compact turning radius and with their low gravity center, driving them is fun and thrilling. They are an excellent hobby for enthusiasts.

When it comes to cars, there is simply no comparison between the popularity of a lowrider and any other type of vehicle on the market. They are typically small, agile, and highly maneuverable. Plus, they come equipped with all the features necessary for a competition, such as lights and a loud horn. It is because a remote-controlled lowrider RC car is designed specifically for street racing and showing off.

Is It Easy to Operate?

Like most cars, lowrider ones have a slight learning curve. So, if you are new to it, there is no need to be worried. With a bit of practice, you will be able to control your vehicle with ease.


There are two types – nitro and electric. Nitro ones operate on oil and gasoline, while an electric lowrider uses batteries. Electric ones are cheaper and easier to maintain, making them an excellent option for beginners. Nitro lowriders are expensive and difficult to maintain, but they are faster than electric ones. If you want a challenging lowrider car, then nitro is your best option.

Things to Consider While Buying

  • Research: If you are new to the RC hobby, talk to experts and do some research before buying a lowrider.
  • Budget: It is expensive. You may compromise on a few features if you have a budget constraint.
  • Purpose: Whether you want a lowrider for races or you want it for fun can impact what features you want. So, know the purpose before purchasing.

How to Care for Your Lowrider?

A lowrider is expensive, and you must take proper care of it.

  • Don’t skip the manual. Read it to understand the working of each component.
  • Do regular checks to ensure every part is in good condition. If not, change the damaged part or accessory.
  • To ensure the vehicle is working correctly, charge its batteries regularly.
  • Keep the vehicle in a safe place away from your pets and children.


Remote control ones are among the top favorites of RC car enthusiasts. Their similarity to the full-sized model makes them stand out from other RC cars. RC lowriders are expensive, and it is essential to take proper care of them.

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