Your New Insider Guide to The Eyewear World

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There isn’t a good accessory to upgrade your style as quickly as a set of chic, new pairs of eyewear.

An essential part of any fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe, it is no wonder glasses are so fashionable. Whether you like to wear them along with prescription lenses, as a fashion piece, or as blue-light-blocking glasses, a new pair of contemporary, striking eyewear can freshen up your look.

Many stylish specks look favor the bold. However, you don’t need to worry if colorful or bigger is not your thing, as many revamped classic shapes in style exist. 

Most Popular Eyewear Shapes and Styles

  1. Oversized glasses chains 

This chic, cool trend is not just fashionable but functional and practical at the same time. You can keep your eyewear safe and handy with beautiful, chunky chains to update your look.

If you wish to make a statement, you can opt for a geometric or sculptural chunky metal style chain. That will guarantee your new eyewear stays put for simple access to your frames. 

  1. Think and rimmed geometric glasses frames

The year’s shape is any shape that brings a bit of geometry to the table, from Hudson shape that’s tamer around the corners to clear-cut hexagon eyeglasses. Such frames are designed to fit any face as they combine elements that pertain to squared glasses and round ones. 

Whatever the shape, the element essential with these geometric styles is the thick-rimmed frames in bright and bold colors. 

  1. Stylish clear glasses

Clear frame glasses are one of the highly-sought eyewear trends today. Clear has attracted the imagination of fashion designers everywhere like Wissing and is being altered in an array of accessory and clothing designs, especially prescription glasses. 

Uniqueness and boldness are the distinguishing features that make Handmade Wissing Eyewear unique among other brands. 

Whether you like to accomplish a subtle look or like to dress to impress, transparent or white eyewear will ace the task. Ensure you choose makeup or outfits in lighter shades to focus on your glasses.

  1. Lightweight and thin-rimmed glasses

For a more professional look, you can go with gold, metal round eyewear, even though any shape in lightweight material option will be favored this year. 

You can try a pair of the newest frames for a look that is too cool for school. Different celebrities are seen wearing double-bridge aviator-inspired styles without prescription, as it offers a stunning allure. 

  1. Tortoiseshell glasses in modern styles

These glasses in unique patterns are your best selection if you like to stay in tune with the current eyewear trends. There are also numerous color palettes of this fashionable pattern that you will be certain to find the ideal one for your hair and skin tone. 

  1. 70s oversized square frames

Square lenses are timeless. This silhouette borrows the vintage-retro vibe with oversized proportions and thick frames. They will make you look stunning without putting too much effort into it with actual square or delicately rounded shapes. 

No matter what your eyewear fashion preferences are, we’ve got you covered! Which of these eyewear styles do you like?

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