What Is WoW Experience Potion, How It Works, And Where To Find It?

WoW Experience Potion

The World of Warcraft holds a number of different items that can benefit you in more than one way such as the amazing WoW experience potion that we will be talking about today!

Wow Experience Potion Making Sure There Is No Dull Moment In The Game

WoW lets you explore range of regions along with multiple tools and items to keep things interesting. Different characters and quests are not the only catch here! Items such as the experience potion also makes sure you never have a dull or boring moment in the game.

It is no big secret what the potions are meant to do for your characters in the game. They increase the experience, duh!

However, to make full use of them, you need to know how they work and where can you find one?

Typically, experience potion will be given out once you have completed a task or reached an objective. If you know how to use them smartly, that would make the rewards even more joyful.

If You Were Looking For The Extra Boost, You Came To The Right Place!

Different experience potion may provide different sorts of boosts. In fact, some of them are programmed to work in specific situations only so that is why you have to be smart with their use.

The four type of experience potions you would find in the game include:

  • Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning
  • Elixir of Ancient Knowledge
  • Elixir of the Rapid Mind
  • Draught of Ten Lands

Hold Up, Why Can’t You Find The WoW Experience Potions Anymore?

Now is the time that we talk about the main issue that exists with experience potion in WoW: You can’t find them anymore!

It looks like most of these potions have been removed from the game. This happened in late November 2020 when along with Shadowlands expansion, majority of the potions were eliminated from the play.

What happened to the ones that you already had in inventory? There are solid chances that you won’t be able to access them anymore or they would be removed as the game updates.

There Is Still Something You Can Do About The WoW Experience Potion You Are Missing Out On!

It is not completely gone. You can still access Draught of Ten Lands potion but that is about it.

One good thing is this item is not very difficult to find. You can buy it from the vendor in Battle of Azeroth in exchange of 5 Warfront Service Medals in the game.

Alternatively, you might also be awarded when you complete certain objectives. Draught of Ten Lands potion would give you experience boost and help reach higher character levels quickly.

Is Draught of Ten Lands Experience Potion Worth The Hassle?

Well, it isn’t exactly like you have choice. Any players looking for an experience boost can now only think about utilizing Draught of Ten Lands. It can be quite useful for specific amount of time.

Moreover, the percentage of experience that you receive isn’t bad either. This XP provides 10% extra of the boost that you would have got without the potion.

The boost isn’t as “great” as you would have hoped. That’s evident! However, it can help you reach level 50 in no time and that is a great achievement. Moreover, it is popular and easily accessible.

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