Discord Keeps Restarting? Easiest Guide On The Internet On How To Fix It

Discord Keeps Restarting

We can’t help but fall in love with Discord service that is FREE and a great way to stay in touch with friends. However, if your Discord keeps restarting then that can get a bit annoying. You can’t do anything on discord until it is fixed. You can’t use streaming, calling, chatting, and many other features. When it is fixed, you can stream games on discord gaming servers like condo games Roblox discord servers, Fortnite game discord servers, etc. You can also stream OTT services on discord.

There Are a Few Things You Can Do To Fix Discord That Keeps Restarting

Chill out, this error in Discord performance is quite common and you are NOT the first one to experience it.

That being said, the question still stands: What should be done when Discord keeps restarting?

Identify You Discord Cache Files and Delete Them

The first step to resolve this issue is to delete the cache files that might be causing the problem. You can find Discord cache files through a simple Windows search.

  • Press and hold Windows + E.
  • Type “%AppData%\discord”.
  • Tap on Delete cache.
  • Tap to delete Local Storage folder as well.

Eliminate Discord Process Through Task Manager and Start Again

The strategy of OFF and ON always works! Therefore, you can try it to fix the issue with Discord as well.

In this case, you have to turn it off using the Task Manager on your device.

  • Press and CTRL + Alt + Delete.
  • Choose Task Manager on the next list.
  • Locate Discord on Task Manager.
  • Right click on Discord option.
  • Press End Task.
  • Wait for the program to close.
  • Run Discord again and check if the problem settles.

Request The Admin To Shift Your Geographical Location

Have you ever come across the situation where all Discord users are experiencing the same issue?

Well, that is common and it is possible that Discord restarting has something to do with the server of your region. Consequently, you can fix it by shifting to another server instead.

However, this is not completely in your hands!

You would have to request the moderator or admin to change the settings if you don’t own the server yourself. The admin can take the following steps to get it done then.

  • Open Server Settings.
  • Tap on Overview.
  • Click on Server Region.
  • Shift to another server.
  • Save the change.

Make Sure Hardware Acceleration Is Turned OFF

If nothing has worked so far then my next suggestion would be to visit Settings and turn off hardware acceleration.

  • Tap on Settings.
  • Click on Appearance.
  • Choose to click on Disable Hardware.

Tap Some Buttons To Turn On The Legacy Mode on Your Device

In addition to switching off the hardware acceleration on your device, I would also like you to turn on the legacy mode. Mostly, this dual action is enough to make sure that your Discord does not randomly restart again.

  • Tap on Settings.
  • Click on Voice & Video option.
  • Click again on Audio Sub-system
  • Tap on Legacy toggle to turn it on.

The Issue Can Be Fixed And You Can Enjoy Discord Service Again!

Discord lets you create multiple servers or join up to 100 different ones, as per your liking. Once it is set up, players are allowed to choose other moderators for their servers which further makes room for its flexible use.

I, personally, found bots addition to be quite useful as well. It let me play different songs via voice commands and perform other tasks efficiently.

However, when I came across the issue of my Discord restarting randomly, I was taken aback too. The truth? I thought I would never get this fixed! Most of us would assume that the internet connection is not working fine but there can be other culprits as well.

Luckily, combination of the 5 methods mentioned above helped me take care of the problem in no time. Try them out and let me know if they prove to be useful to you too.

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