Minecraft Authentication Servers Are Down? Fix It In 5 Simple Steps!

Minecraft Authentication Servers Are Down

All the fun of online gaming would be lost when Minecraft authentication servers are down. Luckily, there are ways to fix it and you can find all about it here!

The first thing would always be to check that it is not your unstable internet connection that is causing the issue. This is an important pre-requisite of multiplayer gaming.

However, when the servers are down, there is little that smooth and fast internet can do for you. Consequently, each player connected to the server would experience the same problem.

What To Do When Minecraft Authentication Servers Are Down

Minecraft authentication servers can be down for many reasons. This typically happens when game undergoes maintenance but the error may be due to other culprits as well.

I mostly advise the readers to wait for a while for the servers to come back online but, instead, you can take these following steps and see if they resolve the matter.

Confirm Whether The Issue Is At Your End or With Minecraft’s Server

Although a stable internet would most probably mean that the issue is with the gaming server but it is still better to run a check at your end.

You can do so by using different online tools that inform about server status of Minecraft. Yes, a simple Google search would do!

Once you have found plenty of websites, you can narrow down the list by checking their ratings online. Then use these sites to confirm the server status. If they show that Minecraft authentication servers are up and running, it is time to move on to the next steps.

Use The Latest Version of Minecraft Launcher To Avoid Bugs

It is possible that your Minecraft authentication servers are down because of outdated game launcher. Such software can be infested with bugs and result in all sorts of trouble while in use.

Get rid of the older version and that would help you solve the issue easily. You can find the version that you are using by visiting the Properties section of the game.

Newer versions are available for download on the internet. They are FREE so don’t waste time being stuck with the old ones.

Use The Command Prompt to Flush Your DNS

I asked you to confirm that your internet or router is not the one causing the issue. Even if that is not the case, it is still advisable to flush your DNS and see if that hack works.

Run the Command Prompt as an administrator and provide the command input as “Ipconfig/flushdns”.

Once all the cache is cleared, restart the game. Hopefully, you would not need to read about the next step now.

Log-out and Check In Again To Your Minecraft Account

Still no luck? Nothing to worry about because I have few more tricks up my sleeves.

Next you are going to try fixing the bug by logging out of your Minecraft account. Provide the credentials again to login. Make sure you are entering the right information.

Use a Different Account on Minecraft Launcher

If the matter has not been resolved so far, then the issue might be with your Minecraft account.

It is time that you ditch the account completely and try logging in with a different account on Minecraft launcher.

You can create a new account for this purpose or borrow a friend’s to see if that works.

Hopefully, This Would Fix The Issues You Are Having With Minecraft Authentication Servers!

These steps should be sufficient to take care of the problem that you are facing and you can go back to enjoying fortune and other items on Minecraft. The only important thing is that you follow these thoroughly or else you would not be able to fix the issue with Minecraft authentication servers.

Furthermore, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Minecraft customer support service if needed. The team would help you reach a solution.

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