Is Horde or Alliance Better In The World of Warcraft and WHY?

Horde vs Alliance

The World of Warcraft is divided into two fractions but if you are new to the play, which one will you go for: Horde or Alliance?

Its humans and dwarves of Alliance vs trolls, goblins, orcs and many other races that Horde holds. Since each race comes with its unique traits and characteristics, we don’t expect the choice to be an easy one!

Should You Go With Horde or Alliance?

Now that is a tough question but I assure you this little guide on World of Warcraft would be of immense help when you have to choose.

Let’s explore different features that each factor, Horde and Alliance, has in stock for its players.

Horde Is Definitely More Popular Amongst Players As Compared to Alliance

It is quite noticeable that Horde players are larger in number. Typically, you would find 4 Horde gamers as compared to 1 Alliance player. Now that seems like quite a difference.

However, this is an average ratio found on most of the servers. It can change depending on which region you are accessing World of Warcraft from.

Horde Players Require Less Time To Find Adequate Number of Members

The population that Horde has does affect the queue times in the background. Although the population shouldn’t have anything to do with the play but here’s how it works.

For the game to proceed, there has to be an adequate amount of population for your faction, Horde or Alliance. Since there are more Horde players, it would be easier to find enough people to complete the group. That reduces queue time a lot as compared to Alliance players.

It is kind of a vicious circle!

Horde guarantees less queue time which impresses players and that attracts even more of them to join in. Anything to avoid the longer queue time, right?

However, Critiques Mention That Alliance Is MORE Fun To Play

For players who are not that frequent or only wish to enjoy WoW casually, the differences between the number of factions does not sound like a big deal.

To top it up, even die-hard Horde lovers agree that Alliance is extremely fun to play. They argue, which is quite valid, that the disparity does not affect the gaming content because once you are in, the serve is going to maintain the balance regardless of the difference in the population.

Furthermore, Alliance characters bring something different to the table. Their design is not just better to play with but more interesting as well.

More and More Players Are Moving To Horde But Do You Really Need To Follow Them?

So the bottom line is that you really don’t have to pick and choose. More so, you don’t need to go where the masses are under the impression that it would make a difference.

Take it from an expert: It does not!

The only drawback with choosing Alliance is that it may take long to find fights and to clear the queue. This situation may worsen as more players continue to side with Horde.

As demotivating as it may sound for Alliance players, are you willing to make a difference? Do share your views in the comment section.

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