Perplexed Between WOW Kayn Or Altruis? We’ll help you decide!

WOW Kayn or Altruis

World of Warcraft has been around for over a decade and is still the most popular MMORPG game on the planet. In MMORPG you may choose whichever narrative to follow. In the realm of Warcraft, you are given a choice near the end of the demon hunter questline.

Who will you Appoint Kayn or Altruis:

Kayn or altruis choosing one of them will not affect your character’s skills, but it will change the storyline. This allows the gamer to select whichever option they prefer rather than the one that offers the most rewards.

Kayn vs Altruis in World of Warcraft

Kayn Sunfury and Altruis the Sufferer, as your second in command, both have their ideologies. Choosing one or the other has a different impact on Illidari’s fate.

Because the storyline depends on your choice and your entire game will be affected, players are perplexed as to which option to choose and whether or not there would be ramifications if they choose one over the other. Here are some key distinctions between Kayn and Altruis that may help you in your choice.

Kayn Sunfury – The Blood Elf Demon Hunter

Kayn Sunfury is adored by the majority of World of Warcraft players. Not to add the fantastic design of the characters. The thing that people admire the most about Kayn is that he is only concerned with the result and is willing to go to any length to get it.

He is unconcerned with the number of opponents he must slaughter and will go to considerable measures to ensure the Illidians’ success.

In terms of the plot, you’ll be slaying Akama and stealing his soul once more. In this regard, the player base is quite divided. Half of the players believe Akama deserved it after betraying us in the Black Temple.

The other half, on the other hand, believes Kayn is evil for doing so. They fear that picking Kayn would mean having a second in command who would make hasty judgments that could jeopardize Illidari’s fate.

Kayn is solely concerned with obtaining vengeance in the novel. He doesn’t pause to analyze the motives for Illidari’s assassination.

This is why Kayn is popular. A demon hunter, they believe, isn’t supposed to be so reserved. Furthermore, the most important benefit is loyalty. Kayn had never fought Illidari before. People believe that electing Altruis will be tantamount to electing a traitor to lead the people he betrayed.

 Altruis The Sufferer – The Night Elf Quest Giver

People perceive Altruis to be wiser and more mature than Kayn. They believe Altruis is worried about Illidari’s fate, so he did what he thought was necessary. Kayn was misguided and didn’t think things through, according to players who favor Altruis. Unlike Kayn, Altruis is concerned with how he achieves his goals.

From the standpoint of the plot, choosing Altruis the Sufferer will persuade Akama to join you rather than be slain. Players believe Akama should be murdered for betraying Illidari in the Black Temple. Altruis, on the other hand, believes that Akama can be useful in the long run. Altruis is liked by the players more than Kayn, therefore he is chosen as their second in command.

This, however, may cause a schism among the Illidari in the long run, as they will realize the second in command is a traitor who abandoned them in their hour of need.

You should make an effort to present a more cohesive front. Because the animosity that has grown in Illidari will not be destroyed unless they receive suitable retribution, which Kayn can offer.

Most players believe that altruism cannot be trusted. They are unaware, however, that Altruis is merely attempting to improve Illidari’s ways. He is attempting to break the cycle of violence, but he has been misunderstood and is not a traitor.


With all of this in mind, you can select between Kayn or Altruis as your second in command. If you were worried about the DPS, don’t be because choosing either option will not affect your character’s stats. The storyline will be the only thing that changes as a result of this decision. Simply choose the person with whom you agree and are willing to share commands.

A Few Common Questions

What was Altruis’ motivation for betraying Illidan?

Altruis betrayed Illidan to carve out his path in Outland

What is the best way to obtain KAYN sunfury?

Kayn Sunfury can be gained through card packs, crafting, or as an Arena award in Ashes of Outland.

What’s the best way for me to find Altruis, the outcast?

 After unlocking the Demon Hunter class, you can get regular Altruis the Outcast. It can’t be disenchanted or crafted. After obtaining the standard version, the golden variant can be produced and disenchanted.

Which of the Demon Hunter’s followers is the best?

Akama, Belath, Jace, Kor’vas, Kayn, or Altruis, S’theno, and Meatball are the best Demon Hunter combinations.

What did Altruis, the afflicted person, do?

He was eventually apprehended by the night elf Wardens, who imprisoned him in the Vault of the Wardens with the other demon hunters.

Where has Altruis the Sufferer vanished to?

This NPC is located in Nagrand.

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