Message+ Syncing Messages; Verizon Syncing Messages – Solved In 3 Steps!

If you’re a Verizon customer, you could have noticed an error message that says “Message+ Syncing messages Temporary background Processing.” This notice may appear repeatedly, which can be aggravating. The good news is that you can quickly deal with it and eliminate it.

The first thing to keep in mind is that this is a rare error message that only affects users of specific cell phones. The Samsung Galaxy S9 or Samsung Note 9 was used by the majority of those who reported receiving this error message. It may, however, be experienced on different cell phone handsets. Here are a few options for dealing with the issue:

1. Turn Off Notifications:

You can try turning off future notifications if you see the notification “Syncing messages temporary background processing.” You may disable notification by touching on it and then selecting the option to disable it. This will stop your device from sending similar notifications in the future.

2. Forced System Reboot:

Forcing a reboot might help you get rid of a lot of issues that have built up after the system has been running for a long period. Attempt a manual reboot of your device. This will cause a battery pull and, when the system is restarted, will refresh the system. You may be able to remove the error message by rebooting the device.

3. Remove The App’s Data:

If you’ve followed the two procedures discussed above and are still getting the synchronizing messages temporary background processing problem, you can try removing the Message+ app data to see if it helps. Follow the steps below:

  • To begin, go to the Settings app and select Apps.
  • Then tap on additional settings, which will be in the upper right corner.
  • Select Show system apps from the drop-down menu and look for the Message+ app in the list.
  • After that, tap the Message+ app and then storage.
  • Then press the Clear Data button.
  • Finally, reboot your device to see if the issue has been repaired.
  • This will delete all of the app’s data and may assist in the removal of any issues that have formed over time.

Additional Problems With Message+ Syncing Messages And Their Solutions!

Problem 1: Syncing Messages With Verizon Message+ Is An Issue

Messages for a temporary background process; The Temporary background processing problem when synchronizing messages only happens when using Verizon’s messaging program, Message+.

This isn’t an error; it serves as a reminder to the users that the device is in the background or synchronizing with a remote server. This allows messages from the remote server to be shown on a device that has requested them.

Syncing Messages Is Disabled:

Syncing messages is disabled, and there is a temporary background processing notification.

We don’t have a Verizon smartphone to test this on, but if you tap on the Syncing messages Temporary background processing notification when it comes, you should be able to turn it off. There should be a way to turn it off and prevent it from displaying again. Unless Verizon’s software has changed, this should be a simple repair for your issue.

Reboot (Forced):

This basic method can sometimes fix bugs that have developed after the system has been running for a long period. By manually rebooting your Galaxy Note9, you’re essentially imitating a battery draw, which was an efficient technique to refresh the OS in older mobiles with removable battery packs. If you haven’t tried this yet, these are the steps to follow:

  • Hold down the Power + Volume Down buttons for around 10 seconds, or until the device turns off. The Maintenance Boot Mode screen will show after a few seconds.
  • From the Maintenance Boot Mode screen, choose Normal Boot. The volume buttons can be used to cycle between the options, and the bottom left button (below the volume buttons) can be used to pick. Wait for the reset to finish, which could take up to 90 seconds.

Delete The Data From The Message+ App:

If the issue is caused by an undiscovered defect in the software, follow these steps to reset Message+ to its default settings:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Select Apps.
  • More options can be found in the upper right corner (three-dot icon).
  • Show system apps should be selected.
  • Locate and open your app.
  • Storage with a tap.
  • To clear data, press the Clear Data button.
  • Check for the issue by restarting your Note9.

If you’ve tried everything listed above and the problem persists, you may need to contact Verizon Customer Support to have the situation repaired.

Switch To Another Messaging App:

You can use the Samsung messaging app Messages or any other app from the Play Store as a workaround. A nice alternative is Google’s own Android Messages app. You can utilize them while you wait for Verizon to provide a permanent solution.

Problem 2: When Utilizing Mobile Data, The Video On The Galaxy Note9 Keeps Halting

This issue could be caused by a bad mobile data connection, an app malfunction, or a software flaw. To fix the problem, follow the actions given below.

Check The Speed Of Your Mobile Data:

If you’re on a mobile data connection and have trouble seeing videos, run a speed test to discover how fast your internet connection is. Video streaming may be hampered if your internet connection is sluggish or sporadic. Make sure your device has good 4G LTE signals (at least three signal bars) and an internet speed of at least 3Mbps to improve the issue. Buffering can occur if the connection is any slower.

Reset The App’s Settings:

Another helpful technique to tackle this issue is to ensure that all apps are restored to their previous operating status. This is accomplished by resetting all programs to their default settings. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Select Apps.
  • At the upper right, tap the More settings (three-dot) icon.
  • Reset the app’s preferences by tapping the Reset button.

Contact Verizon:

If you’ve tried everything listed above and the problem still remains, you may need to contact Verizon Customer Support to have the situation solved.

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